FINTECH 100: Leading Global Fintech Innovators Report 2015

Dear Reader, We are pleased to present the second annual ‘Fintech 100’, the best fintech innovators, this year from 19 countries around the world.

The Fintech 100 are those companies using technology to the best advantage and driving disruption within the financial services industry. These companies have a commitment to excellence, superior customer experience and a demonstrated ability to do one thing in a market better than everyone else.

The Fintech 100 includes the leading 50 fintech companies across the globe, and the most intriguing 50 ‘emerging stars’ – exciting new fintechs with bold, disruptive and potentially game-changing ideas – expanding on the success of last year’s list.

The Fintech 100 in 2015 includes:
• 40 companies from The Americas (40%),
• 20 companies from the EMEA (20%),
• 18 companies from the UK (18%),
• 12 Companies from Asia (12%), and
• 10 companies from Australia and New Zealand (10%).

Through our report we have analysed a number of sectors within the financial industry, these sectors are; insurance, transactions, lending and wealth.

The Fintech 100 in 2015 includes:
•25 payments and transactions companies (25%),
•22 lending companies (22%),
•14 wealth companies (14%), and
•7 insurance companies (7%).

The data that was discovered through the report shows an interesting spread of Fintech is the combination of technology and financial services resulting in the disruption of the finance industry and this sector has seen substantial growth over recent years.  Global fintech financing has risen seven-fold over the past three years to an estimated US$20billion for 2015, a rise of 66% on the level of investment in 2014.

In an industry that will soon be irrevocably changed by the disruptive effect of innovation, the companies doing fintech best are those most likely to succeed. Already, some of the world’s major financial centres are equally becoming known as centres for fintech innovation: London and New York, and more recently Sydney.

Fintech is clearly not to be ignored, and the next question one must ask: “who are the most innovating global fintech companies across the globe?”

We’ve selected the ‘Fintech 100’ following extensive global research and analysis based on data relating to five factors:
1.Total capital raised
2.Rate of capital raising
3.Geographic & sector diversity
4.Consumer & marketplace traction
5.X-factor: degree of product, service and business model innovation (a subjective measure that is applied only with respect to companies outside of the Top 50 on the list)

The above assessment criteria reflects the fact that venture capital invested is a relevant measure of innovation which in turn fuels enduring competitive advantage. Venture capitals seek this enduring competitive advantage over and above anything else.

The companies named in this report all take a well-deserved position as the ‘leading 100’. Nonetheless, there are many other exciting and creative fintech companies around the world that are established and emerging. We hope that this report is just the start of the fintech future, and that the ’leading 100’ innovators will soon become a register for all fintech companies.

The Top 10 companies in the Fintech 100 for 2015 are:
1.ZhongAn (China)
2.Oscar (USA)
3.Wealthfront (USA)
4.Qufenqi (China)
5.Funding Circle (UK)  
6.Kreditech (Germany)
7.Avant (USA)
8.Atom Bank (UK)
9.Klarna (Sweden)
10.OurCrowd (Israel)

You can read all about these companies, and many others, in the report